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Who is Noll Worldwide?

We’re glad you asked.

We are a dynamic company that holds the worldwide licensing rights for the Noll Family intellectual property and brands.

Greg Noll, surfing legend who rode to fame among surf circles in the 50s and 60s, is known for pushing the limits of physics and the human body–on a grand scale. In his iconic, graphic striped surf shorts, he stared down fear, achieved the impossible and became a legend. In turn, he inspired a new generation of surfers to get in the water.

Driven by Noll’s spirit, we make technically superior surf and activewear products that people love. Our gear performs, looks great, and will never let you down. We are where old school meets new wave, and at they very least, “it looks really good on ya”.

We’re also in the business of pushing limits, and showing people what they can achieve if they “take the drop”.

We believe in supporting those around us and doing the right thing. We respect courage, history, tradition and mother earth. We live for today while laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow. We believe there is wisdom in taking chances. We inspire people to create their own legend whether that be for their spouse, kids, friends or…themselves. So get out there and do your thing.

We live, we eat, we surf. We are Noll Worldwide.

Case Studies in Collaboration

Irvine, CA
Category: Skateboards
Year: 2010

Element Skateboards and Noll Worldwide teamed up to create a line of custom skateboards.

The Travel Well Greg Noll Collection captured the history of the surf icon’s big wave surfing and innovative board shapes with five iconic boards shaped exclusively for Element, each representing a specific chapter in Noll’s history. Noll is famous for hand shaping and selling the first mass marketed skateboard from his Hermosa Beach shop in 1958, and all five decks display graphics that mirror iconic art from Greg’s storied past.

The Greg Noll Collection captured the artistry and spirit of Greg and Jed Noll, and cements their reputation as essential contributors to surf and skate culture.

"Greg Noll helped pioneer our industry. The Noll brand is an authentic reminder of that and his great contributions to both surfing and skateboarding." commented Johnny Schillereff, Founder and President of Element Skateboards. "We had a highly successful collaboration and showed the relevance and need of their story in the current market place. It was an honor to collaborate with the Noll family."

  Element Skateboards


Scott Shoe Company
Honolulu, Hawaii
Category: Footwear
Year: 2009-2010

A favorite of Hawaiian locals and visitors, the Scott Shoe Company has been outfitting feet on the Islands since 1932 with the native footwear of choice: the Flip Flop. In an effort to spread the Aloha spirit to the US mainland. Scott Hawaii launched the Greg Noll Slippah product that combines Hawaiian influence and beach aesthetic with their undying commitment to top quality materials and comfort.

  Scott Shoe Company


Want to Partner with Noll Worldwide?

Noll Worldwide is currently looking for partners who desire to license its brand for commercial purposes in channels that do not conflict with our current partners.

Noll Worldwide offers partners the opportunity to leverage one of the most authentic lifestyle surf brands in the marketplace which appeals to purists who desire a credible brand platform in addition to those who have a more general need to associate with the laid back beach lifestyle and simpler times of surfings origins in the United States. We have access to over 50 years of surfing history, advertisements, photos, trophies and other memorabilia that can be used to develop the perfect brand story and create an immersive location environment that will inspire your customers to get in the aloha spirit. We vigorously guard our brand’s integrity and only encourage partners to contact us if they have a serious and actionable proposal with significant growth potential.

Noll Worldwide is interested in reviewing proposals in the following categories:
Restaurant / Dining Concepts
Children’s Apparel

If you are interested in seeing how you can Create Your Own Legend in your industry segment, please feel free to email a proposal or indication of interest to partnership@nollworldwide.com.