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Our Flagship Store

Noll Surfboards Flagship store is a combination museum, art gallery, event center, and local surf shop. Entering this unique surf shop, customers are immediately surrounded by one-of-a-kind memorabilia, hand-crafted wooden surfboards, and freshly designed apparel and gear. In short, they find themselves at the center of surfing history.

The store even contains an active surfboard factory with three shaping rooms in the rear. Inspired by the artisan craft of hand shaping surfboards, the materials used throughout the store are derived from the board-shaping process.

Greg Noll
See a surfboard – maybe yours – being shaped from anywhere in the world. Click the link below and chek out our in-store web cam feed.
Greg Noll
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The shop is also a unique interactive and multi-media experience. Vintage Noll “Search For Surf” films (Greg was also a pioneer surf-filmmaker), including footage never before seen by the public, is simultaneously played on three strategically placed screens while cameras located throughout the store (including in one of the shaping bays) allows viewers from around the globe check out our webcams and see a surfboard actually being shaped.

Visit the store

1709 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, California 92672
Phone: 949-369-6500
FAX: 949-369-6552
email: contact@nollsurfboards.com