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Noll Surfboards: Advanced Design, Quality Craftsmanship, and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Surfboards

Established way back in 1951, the Noll Surfboards brand has long stood for advanced design, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Today, Noll Surfboards offers probably the most diverse line of surfboards on the planet – everything from state-of-the-art high-performance long and short foam boards to epic fine-wood re-creations of some of the all-time classic surfboards. After 60 years of custom board-building under the Noll name, we understand how to interpret the needs of any surfer – no matter what age, size, or ability.

Modern Surfboards Built with Foam and Fiberglass
Most modern surfboards are built with composite technology – basically, foam and fiberglass. These materials allow the designer exquisite control and creativity.
Classic Wood Surfboards
The original surfboard material, wood offers a richness and character that resonates with almost any classic surfboard design.


For everyday use we offer all of our custom surfboards made with today’s latest technology: 100% recycled EPS foam cores finished with epoxy resins, or the tried and true traditional polyurethane foam core with polyester resin, which has been the industry standard since the late 1950s. We excel at communicating directly with the individual surfer, so we can shape them the most versatile surfboard for their particular ability. We design that all-important board for your local surf spot or for that exotic and distant location.

Our historical wooden re-creations use too many different species of wood to list, but the bottom line is – each board is created from original Noll surfboards or from templates taken off of classic surfboards from their specific eras and generations. Every one of these surfboards is handmade – start to finish – by Greg and Jed.